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Are foreign exchange students or international students eligible to apply under this plan?

No, they are not eligible.

Are landed immigrants eligible to apply for this insurance?

Yes, provided they are covered under the provincial health plan in which they reside.

I have a work visa. Can I apply under this program?

No, our coverage is only available to permanent residents of Canada.

Can my child who is attending school outside of our home province apply for coverage?

Yes, as long as they attend a school in Canada.

Can my child who is attending school outside of Canada be covered?

No, our coverage is only available to children attending schools in Canada.

If my child is not attending school or is now attending post-secondary school, can he/she still apply for coverage?

Yes. Any child between the ages of 6 months and 19 years are eligible for the Active Plan or the Value Plan, regardless of whether they attend school or not. Those aged 20 or older are eligible for the Adult Plan.

Can I include my niece and nephew on my child's application form?

Nieces and nephews are considered another family and therefore their parents or legal guardians must complete a separate application form. However, if you are the legal guardian (i.e. court appointed) of your niece and nephew, you can include them on your child's application form.

I am a parent. Can I apply along with my children using the same application form?

Yes, if you qualify as an Adult as per our definition, you may apply under the Adult Plan using the same application form.



When does coverage begin?

Coverage begins on the latter of September 1st, 2018 or the date your application form and premium are received.

When does coverage expire?

Coverage expires on the date the insured is no longer a permanent resident of Canada, or the date the insured is covered by a replacement Kids Plus™ Accident Insurance Policy, or at 12:00 midnight on September 30, 2019, whichever date first occurs.

What is the difference between the Kids Plus™ plans?

The Active and Value Plans are designed specifically for children. The Active Plan is the most comprehensive plan offering the highest limits and some exclusive benefits such as Wage Loss and Enhanced Travel benefits. It is the only plan that covers sickness as well as accidents when travelling. The Value Plan is a low-cost alternative plan. The Adult Plan is designed for adults such as parents and legal guardians, adult children, grandparents and other family members from ages 20 to 64.

I have Health & Dental Insurance through my employer. What is the benefit of purchasing Kids Plus™?

Deductibles and policy maximums mean that you can still end up with out-of-pocket expenses even after a minor accident. Kids Plus™ pays most benefits in addition to other group or private insurance. Also, a special feature in both the Active and Value plans allows you to claim future dental expenses (see Kids Plus Accident Insurance Policy Wording for benefit limits). For example: A dentist may opt to temporarily repair your child’s teeth while his/her mouth is still developing and at a later date, perform a more permanent procedure. While you may have health and dental benefits through your employer now, you may not when you require the benefit at a later date.

Can I upgrade my children’s plan after I have applied for them?

Yes. Just call one of our Client Service Specialists at 1-800-556-7411.

My children attend different schools that belong to different school boards/districts. Can I complete one application form for all my children?

Yes. As long as your children are residents of Canada, you can complete one application for all your children regardless of where they attend school in Canada.

Does coverage extend to outside school hours?

Yes. The coverage for you or your child is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This includes weekends, summer vacation, professional development days, field trips, and other school breaks. However, there are some restrictions when travelling outside your province of residence or Canada.

My child will be moving to a new school district. Is this insurance transferable to a new school?

Yes. Your coverage is transferable anywhere in Canada, regardless of where you move.

I have re-married and my spouse has two children and I have three. They have different last names and go to different schools. Can I apply for everyone on the same application form?

Yes. Please ensure that all applicable surnames are shown on the application form.



My child’s eyeglasses were broken while playing, will this be covered?

Eyeglass replacement or repair is only covered if the insured was hurt when the glasses were broken and the injury required medical attention by a physician within 30 days.

My child now requires eyeglasses, will this be covered?

If the insured was hurt and now requires glasses due to the injury, yes the eyeglasses will be covered. If an insured requires glasses due to eyesight change not related to an injury, the eyeglasses will not be covered.

My child needs to go to the dentist for cleaning/braces/filling, will this be covered?

Dental treatment is only covered if the insured was injured in an accident. Routine cleaning and fillings are not covered. Braces are only covered if they are required due to an accident.

I have Health and Dental coverage through work. Which company would handle my child’s accidental DENTAL claim?

Your Employer or Individual plan would be the first payer for dental benefits. However, you should also file a claim with Kids Plus™ within 90 days of the accident in order to have benefits coordinated with your employer or in order to claim for future dental benefits.

Is a child with cancer, epilepsy or other existing illness eligible? If yes, is there an exclusion?

Yes, the child is eligible as long as they qualify as a Child as per our definition. However, if the child had an accident due to his/her existing illness, e.g. the child had an epilepsy attack and fell down and broke his/her nose, the injury will not be covered.

Note also that the Non-Accidental Death benefit contains a limitation which states: If the Insured dies as the result of a medical condition that caused or contributed to the death, the Non-Accidental Death benefit will only be payable if the medical condition first manifested itself while the Policy was in force as to the Insured.

If my child has a concussion, will this be covered?

If the concussion is due to an injury, yes it will be covered. Please contact our Claims Dept at 1-800-549-7227.

What is the difference between the Accidental Death and Non-Accidental Death benefits?

Non-Accidental Death benefit covers death from any reason other than Accident, excluding any condition which manifested itself prior to the current Policy term. The Accidental Death benefit only pays if death is caused by Injury resulting from an Accident, as defined in the Policy.

How do I submit my claim form?

Before submitting your claim form, please ensure that it is complete to avoid any delays in processing your claim. Email your claim form to claims@ia.ca or fax it to 604-733-9519. You can also send your claim form by mail to:
Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc.
Attn: Claims – Kids Plus™
400 - 988 W Broadway, PO Box 5900
Vancouver BC V6B 5H6

I have a claims-related question that is not listed here. Who do I call?

Please call our Kids Plus™ Claims Representatives at 1-800-549-7227 or email claims@ia.ca for further information.



I only travel within Canada. Does the travel and transportation coverage apply?

Most provinces cover Out-of-Province patients. However, the cost of medical expenses may be higher than in your home province, leaving you with out-of-pocket expenses. You may be able to claim these additional expenses under the Travel and Transportation benefit on your selected plan if your trip is 30 days or less.

Does coverage extend to travel outside Canada?

Yes, world wide trips during the policy term, limited to a 30 day duration, are covered. Any trip in excess of 30 days would not be covered under the policy including the first 30 days. The Value Plan and Adult Plan provide coverage for Injury only. The Active Plan provides coverage for both Injury and Sickness, Emergency Return Flight and Family Transportation. All plans include a Repatriation benefit.

My children will be going on a trip in October and January. Both trips will be of 20 days duration. Will both trips be covered under the Emergency Out-of-Province/Country Travel benefit?

Yes, both trips are covered since the 30-day trip duration limitation is per trip.

My child will be travelling to Europe. If he/she gets into an accident overseas and has to be hospitalized, does he/she ask the hospital to send the bill to Canada?

No. Most hospitals have their own billing procedures. In the event of a Medical Emergency outside Canada or the U.S.A., place a collect call through the Operator to 1-305-865-8895. If possible, call the hotline before obtaining any medical services or treatment to ensure the medical attention you receive is covered. Within Canada or the U.S.A., please call 1-800-255-2008.



Is the premium paid monthly?

No, the premium is a single, one-time payment for your coverage until the end of the policy term.

Will I receive a receipt to confirm payment?

No receipt is issued, but a confirmation of coverage and policy documents will be sent to you.

If I buy insurance in December, is the premium pro-rated?

As this is a one-time cost for the policy term, the premium will not be pro-rated.

Can I pay for my grandchild's insurance even when I'm not the parent/legal guardian?

Yes, but the name of the parent/legal guardian must appear on the application form. All benefits payable under the Policy on behalf of Children are payable to or at the direction of the Parent/Legal Guardian.

Can I get a refund of premium if I cancel my Kids Plus™ Accident Insurance policy?

Premium refunds are only available if requested within 30 days of the effective date of insurance, and if no claims have been paid. After 30 days, refunds will not be issued.

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