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How it works

If your child is injured in an accident, and requires medical attention, Kids Plus™ Accident Insurance reimburses for expenses not covered by provincial or employer extended health or dental plans.

Most parents buy student accident insurance to supplement their existing health and dental coverage because an accident often includes unexpected out-of-pocket expenses. Kids Plus™ Accident Insurance provides financial relief for a number of costs that provincial and employer plans don't. Because the price is affordable and the coverage is comprehensive, it's an ideal safety net for families.

A real life example

A game of street hockey ended with Ken* having 2 teeth knocked out. Ken was 13 at the time, and 3 years later is still receiving treatment to repair the damage. Fortunately, Ken was covered by a $33.50 Kids Plus™ Active Plan policy and his parents have been reimbursed over $750, with additional dental work still required.

Dental work at time of the accident $556.40
Follow-up dental work 3 years later $194.30
Total Reimbursement to Date $750.70

*This is an actual Kids Plus™ Accident Insurance claim with the personal details changed to protect the privacy of our client. In 2015, the average approved dental claim paid by Kids Plus™ Accident Insurance was $715.

  • Value Plan

  • $14.50
    per year

  • Offers a low cost supplement to your provincial health insurance or existing dental plan.
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  • Adult Plan

  • $32.00
    per year

  • Ideal for parents and grown-up children between 20 to 64 years of age.
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